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Rolls Royce Atelier Inner Sanctum Showroom London

One of the first views of the rarest of rooms: The Rolls-Royce Atelier Mayfair London
Only the very few are lucky enough to be invited here to specify their new Rolls-Royce
The Rolls-Royce Atelier even has it's own special scent!
The Goodwood Studio, the Rolls Study and the Royce Atelier take their inspiration from the company’s founders, Charles Rolls and Sir Henry Royce. These two extraordinary men shared a single-minded goal – perfection. Filled with thought-provoking textures, themes and colours, the rooms give customers the opportunity to explore the possibilities that cutting-edge, bespoke design allows. Each item, surface and layout has been selected to stimulate discussion and nurture creativity. General Manager of Retail Development at Rolls-Royce Motor Cars, explains: “The environment takes its cues from the worlds of fine art, design and high fashion. This plays an important role in inspiring creativity. The experience builds a dramatic and emotional mood through intelligent use of sound and light. It really is an unforgettable experience that stirs the soul.”
To collaborate with the Rolls-Royce Private Office is to embark on a very special journey. At the Home of Rolls-Royce in Goodwood, England, this centre of time-honoured craftsmanship forms an inspiring creative environment. Here, your imagination is ignited and your desires satisfied in exquisite detail, as master artisans realise your individual vision of the perfect motor car.
Finally, the Royce Atelier … an experience that inspires customers to touch and create as soon as they enter. A tactile environment that brings their bespoke motor car to life.

Customers immediately connect with the Atelier’s colours and textures: from the highly polished concrete flooring and bespoke hand-crafted, mint green stools to the portrait of Sir Henry Royce.

These rooms at the Home of Rolls-Royce take the Bespoke customer experience into another dimension.
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added on 5 Mar. 2023

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