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Ralph Lauren Bentley Blower Sir Tim Birkin By His Grandson Sir Tim Buxton Paris 2011 Video 2019

Sir Tim Birkin Bentley Blower Ralph Lauren Collection Introduced by Tim Birkin's Grandson in Paris 2011 Watch in UltraHD + SUBSCRIBE #CARJAMTV - Subscribe Now https://www.instagram.com/carjamtv/
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Sir Henry Ralph Stanley "Tim" Birkin, 3rd Baronet (26 July 1896 – 22 June 1933) was a British racing driver, one of the "Bentley Boys" of the 1920s. Bentley Blower No.1 is a racing car developed from the Bentley 4½ Litre by Sir Tim Birkin to win Le Mans twenty-four-hour race. The car was developed into its current form for racing at Brooklands.

In June 2012, the Birkin Bentley was sold by Bonhams for £5,042,000 at the Goodwood Festival of Speed, making it the most expensive British-built car sold.
In 1921 Sir Tim Birkin turned to motor racing, competing a few races at Brooklands. Business and family pressure then forced him to retire from the tracks until 1927 when Sir Tim Birkin entered a three-litre Bentley for a six-hour race. For 1928 Sir Tim Birkin acquired a Bentley 4½ litre car and after some good results decided to return to motor racing, very much against his family's wishes. Soon Sir Tim Birkin was one of the Bentley Boys, described as "the greatest Briton of his time" by W. O. Bentley. In 1928 Sir Tim Birkin entered the Le Mans race again, leading the first twenty laps until a jammed wheel forced him to drop back, finishing fifth. He won the race in 1929, racing the Bentley Speed Six as co-driver to Woolf Barnato.
The Bentley Boys were a group of wealthy British motorists who drove Bentley sports cars to victory in the 1920s and kept the marque's reputation for high performance alive. In 1925, as the Bentley marque foundered, Bentley Boy Woolf Barnato bought the company, leading to the creation of the famous supercharged Bentley Blower car.

The Bentley Boys included:

Woolf "Babe" Barnato, heir to Kimberley diamond magnate Barney Barnato
Dr. J. Dudley "Benjy" Benjafield
Sir Henry "Tim" Birkin
Dale Bourne
Frank Clement
S. C. H. "Sammy" Davis, automotive journalist, Sports Editor of The Autocar
John Duff
George Duller, steeplechaser
Clive Dunfee
Jack Dunfee
Dudley Froy
Baron Andre d’Erlanger, playboy
Clive Gallop, engineer
Glen Kidston, aviator
Bertie Kensington Moir
Bernard Rubin, pearl fishery magnate
Jean Chassagne, French racing driver

Thanks to the dedication of the Bentley Boys to serious racing, the Bentley company, located at Cricklewood, north London, was noted for its four consecutive victories at the 24 hours of Le Mans from 1927 to 1930. Bentley's greatest competitor at the time, Bugatti, whose lightweight, elegant, but fragile creations contrasted with the Bentley's rugged reliability and durability, referred to them as "the world's fastest lorries".

In March 1930, during the Blue Train Races, Woolf Barnato raised the stakes on Rover and its Rover Light Six having raced and beaten Le Train Bleu for the first time, to better that record with his 6½ Litre Bentley Speed Six on a bet of GBP100. He drove against the train from Cannes to Calais, then by ferry to Dover and finally London, traveling on public highways, and won. The H. J. Mulliner Bentley saloon he drove during the race, as well as a streamlined fastback " Bentley Sportsman Coupe" by Gurney Nutting delivered to him on 21 May 1930 became known as the Blue Train Bentleys. The "Sportsman Coupe" has been erroneously referred to as being the car that raced the Blue Train, while in fact Barnato named it in memory of his race.

A great deal of Barnato's fortune went to keeping Bentley afloat after he became chairman in 1925; but the Great Depression destroyed demand for the company's expensive products, and Bentley was finally sold off to Rolls-Royce in 1931.
Tim Birkin's life was portrayed in the 1995 TV drama Full Throttle with comedian Rowan Atkinson in the role of Tim Birkin.

In 2000, the last 54 of the Bentley Arnage Green label powered cars were created as a limited edition, called "The Birkin Bentley Arnage." German aftermarket tuner MTM have latterly produced a tuned version of the Bentley Continental GT called "The MTM Bentley Birkin Edition," producing 641 hp.

The artist Terence Cuneo unveiled his painting The 'Spirit of Brooklands,' which shows Tim Birkin racing John Cobb (racing driver) Brooklands to win. Cobb drove a ten and a half litre Delage, once holder of the land speed record, and Birkin his four and a half supercharged Bentley, the 'Brooklands Battleship.' The higher top speed of the Bentley gave Birkin the edge over the distance, and the painting depicts Birkin on the outside line of the high banking edging past Cobb to win. The actual race had taken place in the August Bank Holiday of 1932, and Birkin had won by 25 yards after a third lap at 137 mph.

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