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PREPARING My AMG GT R Roadster! Wash Prep at Topaz

It's time to prepare my new AMG GT R Roadster for the road! Upon arrival at Topaz Detailing, for the first time both of my two AMG GT Rs are together; the Pro and Roadster. The newest Shmeemobile is in for an essential prep in the wash bay ahead of for paint protection film installation by the best in the business.

Having last visited earlier this year with the SLS Black Series, the GT R Roadster arrives in traditional fashion to receive PPF that will ensure the paintwork will continue to look as good down the line. The bright Hyacinth Red paintwork is a bold spec for a convertible, but suits the shapes of the car well, so naturally it's important to keep it looking brilliant for many miles of motoring to come.

First up then, it's into the Topaz Detailing wash bay for the preparation processes to remove contaminants and ensure the surfaces are primed for an inspection of paint quality. Typically a brand new car from factory would have orange peel, holograms, pig tails and all sorts of paint defects present, which is no different now and it's always a case of how far and how many hours of labour should be invested into making it perfect.

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added on 22 Nov. 2020


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