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Porsche Mission E INTERIOR Review Cross Turismo REVIEW 2019 Geneva 2018 CARJAM

New Porsche Mission E INTERIOR Review In Detail Porsche Panamera Electric Cross Turismo REVIEW 2019 Geneva 2018 Watch in UltraHD + SUBSCRIBE #CARJAMTV
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The new Porsche Mission E interior: visible lightweight structures
The interior reinterprets classic Porsche elements, bringing them into the digital age. The new Porsche Mission E interior dashboard, which emphasizes the vehicle’s width and is composed of a wing-shaped upper and lower part. The instrument panel is clearly organized horizontally with an extra-wide display for the driver and front passenger. The freestanding instrument cluster is angled towards the new Porsche Mission E driver and includes three circular display graphics with digital content on TFT screens. The centre console between the front seats rises towards the dash panel. In combination with the ambient lighting, the indirect lighting of the center console creates a unique atmosphere.
The new Porsche Mission E interior design features also include visible lightweight structures, which can be found on the instrument panel and other places as well as the sporty seats, reminiscent of those found in racing cars, with illuminated Porsche lettering. The door lining has innovative three-dimensional elements with a textured surface. Anodised edges in Nordic Blue on features such as the air vents and window lift modules create a contrast to the exclusive bicolour concept of the interior with aniline leather in black and light grey.
Porsche Mission E interior four-seater, which measures 1.42 meters in height. For example, the backrest of each individual seat in the rear has a load-through facility. The backrests themselves can be folded down. Porsche Mission E boot features a rail system with adjustable and removable straps.
The innovative display and operating concept is a design highlight of the new Porsche Mission E Cross Turismo. Intuitive operation and information that is optimally positioned in the field of vision, such as the head-up display, do not distract the driver. Thanks to new connectivity solutions, the new Porsche Mission E interior can also be perfectly integrated into a digital lifestyle. The result is a unique user experience.
Here are the new Porsche Mission E interior most important displays and operating options:
• Driver display with eye-tracking control: The instrument cluster comprises three virtual round instruments that are divided into areas for Porsche Connect, performance, drive, energy and Sport Chrono. Using a camera in the rear-view mirror, the eye-tracking system detects which instrument the driver is looking at. The displays he or she can see are then brought to the foreground, while others are made smaller when the driver looks away. Operations are carried out using smart touch controls on the steering wheel.
• Passenger display: This screen extends across the full width of the passenger side. Using eye-tracking and touch screen technology, the passenger can operate various apps to control features such as media, navigation and air conditioning as well as contact lists.
• Centre console touch panel with detailed information menus.
• Small touch screens: These are placed both in the multifunctional window lift modules (for seat adjustment and comfort functions) as well as in the slatted air vents on the right and left of the dashboard. For example, swiping from left to right can increase the fan speed.
The ‘smart cabin’ approach simplifies operation. Porsche Mission E interior settings, interior climate and ambient lighting are automatically adapted in line with the preferences of the occupants and the driving situation.
Even outside the new Porsche Mission E, the driver can access a wide range of information and make settings: all customization options can be planned ahead using a tablet, smartphone or smartwatch – from air conditioning to on-board navigation.
Porsche Connect already offers more than 20 digital services and apps. In the Mission E Cross Turismo, software called DestinationsApp shows what added value the digital platform could offer in the near future, making it possible to organize a weekend trip and in a few convenient steps on the smartphone. The app inspires users with travel destinations, facilitates quick and easy bookings and takes care of route planning, food and sports equipment. DestinationsApp even allows you to adapt the body of the Mission E Cross Turismo to your chosen route and to select appropriate music, air conditioning settings and ambient lighting.

added on 7 Mar. 2018

Make: Porsche


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