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Long time no see folks! Finally a new video that takes us back to the roots.
Conveying genuine emotions, mood, and feelings.

As we navigate the whirlwind that is 2024, it’s hard not to notice the echoes of 2023—our passion burning as brightly as ever, our commitment to excellence unwavering. Despite our hustle, we often find ourselves playing catch-up with our project announcements.

This year is particularly poignant for us at FORMAT67 as we reflect on a journey that started a decade ago. A journey not just marked by time, but by the connections, challenges, and creativity that have defined us.
A significant highlight of this journey has been our collaboration with Akrapovič from the very beginning. Their partnership represents more than just a shared ethos; it’s a fusion of innovation, ambition, and the relentless pursuit of perfection that resonates with every project we embark on together.

In celebration of our ongoing journey and the invaluable contributions of our collaborator, Akrapovič, we’re excited to share a piece that encapsulates our shared experiences and the vision that propels us forward. This isn’t just a marker of what we’ve achieved; it’s an invitation to look ahead to the future possibilities that lie in our collaboration.

Director: Daniel Michaelis
Producer: Rene Eckert
Director of Photography: Joshua Ripplinger
Focus Puller: Philipp Jeschek
Camera Car: Drey Nitrous
Precision Driver: Luka Marko Groselj
Grip: Tit
Sound Recording: Robin Harff
Music: Niklas Kleber
Music vocal edit DC: Daniel Michaelis
Shooting Location: Croatia, Željava Air Base
Color Grading: Fidi @ Difference Berlin
Editor: Daniel Michaelis
Agency Producer: Andrej Ravnikar
Production Company: FORMAT67 MEDIA HOUSE
Post Production Company: FORMAT67 MEDIA HOUSE

Credits FORMAT67.NET
added on 29 Mar. 2024

Make: Porsche


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