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New Winter Shoes for My Ferrari GTC4Lusso!

My Ferrari GTC4Lusso gets some new winter wheels and tyres in preparation for winter and chasing the snow! For the swapover, it's an opportunity to stretch the legs of the V12 down to Meridien Modena to show and fit the new wheel and tyre setup.

I have some plans ahead to take my Ferrari GTC4Lusso down to the Alps for skiing and also to the Geneva Motorshow. Given the inevitable snowfall that will come, and the fun that will result, it's crucial to have the car running on winter tyres for the purpose. The V12 version of the Lusso also has the 4WD system and as I experienced from the FF in the past it also makes for a great car for the purpose.

Via their UK dealerships, Ferrari offer a service whereby you can purchase a complete wheel and tyre set, in this case the same wheel design but in silver for a slight difference and fitted with Michelin Pilot Alpin tyres, which they fit and store. While the winter wheels are on the car, the summer tyres sit in storage and vice versa, hence when my next service arrives in April they can be swapped straight back without the need for another set to be stored at home - taking up substantial amounts of space.

This also makes for a perfect opportunity to get out on the roads and stretch the legs of the Lusso - reminding me quite how great it is as a super-gt daily runabout. The changeover is done at my dealer, Meridien Modena, from where my FF was purchased and my Ferraris have been serviced and maintained since.

Thanks for watching, Tim


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added on 22 Dec. 2019

Make: Ferrari


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