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New TOYOTA GR Corolla Commercial World Premiere 2022 GAZOO Racing Premiere GR Corolla 4K Carjam TV

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TOYOTA GAZOO Racing Premieres GR Corolla

TOYOTA GAZOO #racing (TGR) held the world premiere of the all-new GR Corolla in Long Beach, California, USA, on March 31 (local time), on the eve of the opening round of the Formula Drift season. The GR Corolla is scheduled for launch in Japan in the second half of 2022. The unveiling of the GR Corolla can be seen at the following: https://vimeo.com/event/1928953
Main features of the GR Corolla

1. A motorsports-bred design refined into functional beauty
While the basic body framework of the Corolla Sport has been adopted, 20 mm wider front fenders and 30 mm wider rear fenders produce a broader stance that foreshadows a spirited driving experience.
The triple exhausts of a muffler created to further increase the output of the 1.6-liter in-line three-cylinder intercooler turbo engine emphasize the unique, powerful, and sporty rear.
Honing the vehicle's cooling and aerodynamic performance on all kinds of roads, including #racing circuits, dirt roads, and snow-covered roads, resulted in the inclusion of a front bumper air intake and front-fender and hood-bulge air outlets.

A short-stroke shift lever positioned for natural operation by simply lowering the arm from the steering wheel enables quick gear changes.
A hand-operated parking brake has been used to allow better vehicle control even when
pushing the car to its limits, such as when drifting.
The Full TFT Meter, which was developed exclusively for GR models, has been newly adopted. Inspired by race cars and reflecting insight from professional drivers, the new display improves visibility during sporty driving.

2. An evolved version of the GR Yaris 1.6-liter in-line three-cylinder intercooler turbo engine
Engine exhaust efficiency was improved to achieve even higher output from the same compact, lightweight, high-power unit that propels the GR Yaris. A valve-equipped triple exhaust muffler reduces both exhaust pressure and noise. In sum, the engine provides
overwhelming acceleration and a more-pleasant extension of RPMs.

3. A wide track and long wheelbase for excellent driving stability and control
The basic body framework of the #Toyota Corolla Sport has been adopted, and, while retaining the excellent driving stability provided by a long wheelbase, high-speed cornering performance has been improved by widening the track by 60 mm up front and by 85 mm in the rear. Stability and control during sporty driving have been greatly enhanced, allowing confidence and enjoyment while driving as one pleases, even when pushing the car to its limits.

4. A selectable-mode GR-FOUR 4WD system and a high-rigidity body
The featured GR-FOUR 4WD system uses an electronic multi-plate clutch to provide variable front and rear driving force, like in the GR Yaris. This time, however, the system's "4WD" mode, which controls driving force distribution, and its "Drive" mode, which controls accelerator response, steering, and others, have been separated to enable selection according to driver preference and the driving environment. Furthermore, the use of pillow ball bushings and the optimization of the springs, shock absorbers, and wheel alignment combine to fully transmit the GR-FOUR's optimal distribution of driving force to the road surface. This has resulted in overwhelming cornering performance.
Body rigidity has been strengthened to achieve driving performance that agilely responds to driver operation. In addition to the high-rigidity basic framework made possible through production at the GR Factory at Toyota's Motomachi Plant, braces have been added between the rear wheel wells, to the under-floor tunnel, and under the floor in front of the fuel tank to improve handling stability. Also, like in the case of the GR Yaris, the roof panel is made of CFRP molded by the SMC process, which offers a high degree of freedom of shape and contributes not only to increased rigidity but also to weight reduction.
Opposed caliper disk brakes provide stable braking force and controllability, enabling confident and enjoyable driving, even on #racing circuits.

5. Advanced safety and security even for a sports car
The latest active safety package, #Toyota Safety Sense, comes standard, allowing the combination of safety and security in daily driving and the driving pleasure of a sports car.

added on 12 Apr. 2022

Make: Toyota


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