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NEW SHELBY GT500 First Drive and 10.7s 1/4 Mile Drag Strip!

My first drive in my future car, the new Shelby GT500! To fully experience the most powerful Ford ever, we can take in a mountain road, go flat out for a 10.7s 1.4 mile drag strip run, and throw in some time on track as well as hot laps with Billy Johnson.

The Shelby GT500 packs a 5.2l supercharged V8 making 760bhp, making it the most powerful Ford ever and over 100hp more than the Ford GT. Attending the launch event in Las Vegas gives an opportunity to see my Ford GT with its future garage stablemate in every possible colour specification and option. However, today it's all about the drive and seeing what the new car is like in all different types of environments.

First up comes a run out to Mt Charleston with the GT500, to discover it on the road with some twisty mountain passes surrounded by plenty of other cars driving around. Then it's back to the Las Vegas Motor Speedway for an outing on the Drag Strip and a chance to try to match the 10.7s quoted 1/4 mile time; successfully! For the third part of the day we're on track at the Motor Speedway where the car honestly impressed with unbelievable amounts of grip and performance. To top it off, the day concludes with a hot lap onboard with Billy Johnson to see what it can really do, plus some immense sideways action!

The drive leaves me very excited to collect my Shelby GT500 next year! As soon as I have more news I will bring you updates on specification and timings, plus the plans for touring the USA and eventually bringing it back home to the UK.

Thanks for watching, Tim


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added on 29 Oct. 2019

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