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New Mercedes Self Driving Car Seats 12 Can Turn Into A Van Premiere Mercedes Electric Autonomous

Amazing Mercedes Vision Self Driving Car Seats 12 Can Turn Into A Van For Night Deliveries World Premiere Video Mercedes Vision Urbanetic Electric Autonomous 2019 Watch in UltraHD + SUBSCRIBE #CARJAMTV #MercedesSelfDrivingCar #MercedesVisionUrbanetic #MercedesEQ
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Mercedes Self Driving Vision URBANETIC answers the questions of future urban mobility

Completely new mobility Mercedes Self Driving concept for on-demand, efficient, comfortable and sustainable mobility
Mercedes Autonomous driving platform that can be fitted as required with a cargo module for goods transportation or with a people-mover module
Mercedes electric drive for zero local emissions and virtually noiseless mobility
Mercedes Self Driving Mobility concepts embedded within an intelligent, self-learning IT infrastructure for the continual analysis of transportation needs
Supply and demand captured in real time and Mercedes Self Driving resources used to optimum effect
Maximum economy, efficiency and flexibility for cities, mobility providers and users

Mercedes-Benz Van Vision URBANETIC, a revolutionary mobility concept that goes way beyond existing ideas on autonomous vehicles. Mercedes Self Driving Vision URBANETIC eliminates the separation between people moving and goods transport. It enables on-demand, sustainable and efficient movement of people and goods – and applies an innovative approach to fulfil the needs of cities, businesses from diverse sectors as well as city dwellers and travellers. The Mercedes Self Driving concept reduces traffic flows, relieves inner-city infrastructures and contributes to an improved quality of urban life.

As part of a holistic system solution, Mercedes Self Driving Vision URBANETIC addresses future urban challenges and offers innovative solutions. The visionary Mercedes Self Driving concept is based on a self-driving, electrically powered chassis that can take different switchable bodies for people moving or goods transport. As a ride-sharing vehicle, Mercedes Self Driving Vision URBANETIC can accommodate up to twelve passengers, while the cargo module can carry up to ten EPAL pallets. A load space 3.70 metres long fits into a total vehicle length of 5.14 metres. Plus, the concept incorporates an IT infrastructure that analyses in real time the supply and demand within a defined area. The result is a Mercedes Self Driving fleet, with routes planned flexibly and efficiently on the basis of current transportation needs. All of this makes Mercedes Self Driving Vision URBANETIC a groundbreaking concept for future urban mobility.

Thanks to full networking, the evaluation of local information – such as concerts and events – and intelligent control, the system not only analyses current needs, it can also learn from them. It is thus able to anticipate and react to future needs. This can optimize processes and help shorten waiting and delivery times and avoid traffic jams. For instance, the overall system can use the data captured by the Mercedes Self Driving control center – which collates and analyses needs – to identify a crowd of people gathering in a certain area. It can send Mercedes Self Driving vehicles there to quickly and efficiently satisfy the increased demand. The system can thus react flexibly and is not based on rigid routes or fixed timetables.

Mercedes Vision Fully networked and part of a comprehensive ecosystem

Mercedes-Benz Vans is pursuing an ambitious target with its Vision URBANETIC. It envisages transporting more people and goods with fewer vehicles on a virtually unchanged roads infrastructure in order to relieve inner cities and, at the same time, fulfill continually growing mobility requirements and customer desires. This would ultimately facilitate an improved quality of urban life

As a fully networked vehicle, Mercedes Self Driving Vision URBANETIC is part of an ecosystem

Two interchangeable Mercedes Self Driving modules for people and goods

To achieve this level of flexibility, Mercedes Self Driving Vision URBANETIC is equipped with different interchangeable bodies depending on purpose of use. As a ride-sharing vehicle with a people-mover body, Mercedes Electric Self Driving Vision URBANETIC offers space for up to twelve passengers. The modules are switched either automatically or manually, with the automated process taking just a few minutes. The system is based on an autonomous driving platform onto which the respective bodies are fixed. It incorporates all the driving functions, meaning the autonomous chassis can also make its way to its next job location without a body attached. Absolute safety is guaranteed by redundant components for all relevant actions such as steering, braking and acceleration.

added on 18 Sep. 2018

Make: Mercedes


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