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New MCLAREN 620R! My First Drive at the Nurburgring

My first drive in the brand new McLaren 620R! My friend Robert has just taken delivery of the latest McLaren, instantly drove it at the Nürburgring Nordschleife and has now let me take the keys to see what it's about. Nicknamed the 'baby Senna', there's nowhere better to put it to the test than a full lap at the Green Hell

Adding to Robert's extensive garage that features the Ferrari 488 Pista, McLaren 675LT, Porsche GT2 RS MR (Apex Taxi) and more, the McLaren 620R has been bought with the intention to be driven hard on the famous Green Hell. Having literally taken delivery of it at the entrance to the loop during a track day, Robert's very first kms were on the Nordschleife itself and now with just over 400km on the clock it hasn't spent much time anywhere else.

The McLaren 620R is another track focused variant of the Sports Series, different from the 600LT in the sense that it's based on the 570S GT4 car and carries through elements like adjustable coilovers, wheels ready to wear slicks, a huge fixed wing, s-ducts for front aero, and a snorkel over the roof for cooling to the 620hp 3.8l TT V8. The official build run was due to be 350 cars however this is now expected to be a smaller number due to the current global circumstances. Inside it features the Senna's bucket seats, a cage and harnesses, and can be configured without options like the air conditioning and sound system should the customer prefer.

After driving recently in the BMW M8 Shmeemobile behind Robert running in the 620R, he has kindly allowed me to take a drive, and not just any drive, but a lap of the full N24 circuit at the Nürburgring that includes a run around the Grand-Prix Strecke followed by the full Nordschleife. In doing so, and with Robert away from the Ring, I'm also joined by Misha to come along for an enjoyable spirited drive during Touristenfahrten, where the Ring operates as a public toll road where normal road rules apply.

For plenty more discussion and content from the Ring, be sure to check out Robert's YouTube channel too:

And of course Misha's adventures:

Awesome thumbnail pic from Rike67, be sure to check out pics of your lap at as well!

Thanks for watching, Tim


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added on 2 Aug. 2020

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