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New Mazda RX-7 revealed & the BEST new cars coming 2024-2026!

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The Tokyo Motor Show has taken place this week, and as a result, some of the craziest and most interesting cars of the year have been unveiled over the past week!

One of the most busy manufacturers was Nissan. They unveiled a number of concepts, including the hatchback-sized Concept 20-23, and the Hyper Urban SUV. Both of these are likely to shape what the future Micra and Qashqai could look like, even if it’s likely that the crazy aero and gull-wing doors attached to either are likely to be removed for the production models.

However, neither was the most exciting Nissan on show. That title is held by the Nissan Hyper Force, which illustrates what the future R36 GT-R may look like! Given it’s a concept it is likely to be toned down slightly for the production model, but the stats Nissan has unveiled are out of this world. It’ll be all-electric and will be able to produce 1,360hp - more than DOUBLE the output of the R35 GT-R NISMO!

It wasn’t just Nissan that unveiled some exciting new cars. Toyota was around and showed off the FT-SE sports car. It looks like it could be a replacement for the MR2, and this all-electric sports car is likely to come with dual motors and four-wheel drive. Toyota also showed off an all-electric Land Cruiser, which we can’t wait to get our hands on!

There were also some interesting unveilings from Mazda, including the Iconic SP. It’s a two-door sports car that’ll weigh 1,450kg, and looks set to be a replacement for the RX-7! It even comes with a rotary engine, even if this will only be used to power an electric motor… Apparently!

But which car was your favourite on show? Surely it had to be the future GT-R. Or did something else catch your eye? Let us know in the comments!

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added on 27 Oct. 2023

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