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New Lexus RZ review: It's finally here!

Meet the Lexus RZ!

Despite Lexus being one of the leading brands in hybrid vehicle technology, the RZ is the first purpose-built electric car Lexus has released! So with that in mind, is it any good?

Well let’s start with a look at the design, and it’s fair to say the RZ more than looks the part! Starting at the back, you’ll find a full-length light bar, some neat little spoilers and big Lexus badging. There may be some fake vents too, but we can forgive them for now. The RZ has a good side profile, with smart creases along the doors, while up front the RZ still keeps the traditional Lexus design, although in this instance there’s no grille.

But while the exterior design looks good, the interior looks even better! The cabin is built with soft-touch materials throughout, and there’s a huge infotainment screen at the centre of the dash that is really intuitive and well-designed. Thankfully it also has separate climate control buttons, so they are easy to manage when driving. The seats are also well-made and available in either fake suede or leather.

When it comes to motors and battery combinations, there’s only one available - two electric motors and a 71kWh battery pack that combine to produce 313hp. It also comes with a claimed range of 272 miles.

So it all sounds pretty impressive! But is it really worth the £64,500 starting price?! Stick with Mat and see for yourself!

00:00 Intro
00:45 Design
02:00 Price
02:47 Interior
06:07 Back Seats
08:03 Boot
09:23 5 Annoying Things
11:22 5 Cool Things
13:24 Motors & Battery
14:38 Town Driving
16:48 Motorway Driving
17:46 Country Road Driving
19:18 0-60mph
20:13 Verdict

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added on 5 Jun. 2023

Make: Lexus


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