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New Audi SQ8 review: Better Than EVER?!

Meet the new Audi SQ8 e-tron!

It was previously known as just the Audi e-tron, but Audi has rebranded its largest electric SUV to now call it the Audi Q8 e-tron! The question is, although the name has evolved, has much else changed?

Well when it comes to the design… It all looks pretty much the same! There are no notable differences around the back, while along the side it all pretty much mirrors the original e-tron, bar some new alloy designs. Up top it’s a little different, with an all-new grille slapped across the front. But otherwise, it looks almost identical! Audi say that the headlight design has evolved, but to be honest, we think they look pretty much the same.

Step inside and it’s more of the same story! Bar some new trims, it’s all pretty much identical to the last car. That’s not necessarily a bad thing, mind. The SQ8 we have here comes equipped with super comfortable sports seats, and you’ll find soft touch, high quality materials throughout the entire cabin. Annoyingly though, a lot of functions are controlled through a touch screen, so they’re hard to work while driving.

There are three editions of the Q8 e-tron to buy. The entry-level is the 50, which comes with two motors that can produce 340hp along with an 89kWh battery pack. The top-of-the-range cars is the SQ8 we have here. It’s packing three electric motors that combine to put down 503hp. It’s also equipped with a 106kWh battery.

All-in-all, not much has changed compared to the previous car. So the question is, is it really worth the £69,000 starting price? And should you really splash out £97,000 for this SQ8 edition?! You’ll need to stick with Mat to see for yourself!

00:00 Intro
00:50 Design
02:00 Price
02:47 Interior
04:50 Back Seats
07:02 Boot
08:59 5 Annoying Things
10:19 5 Good Things
11:55 Batteries & Motors
12:46 Town Driving
15:38 Motorway Driving
17:50 Country Road Driving
19:21 0-60mph
21:15 Verdict

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added on 30 Nov. 2023

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