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New 900hp Lotus: Faster than BMW & Porsche!

Lotus has been around for 75 years and is widely known for releasing small petrol-powered sports cars like the Elise. However, in more recent times it’s turned its attention to electric cars, including the Emira & Evija sports cars and the Eletre SUV.

All three cars have been released to critical acclaim, and Lotus is now turning its attention to an all-electric saloon. However, this is no normal saloon - it’s likely to produce more power and be cheaper than market-leading saloons such as the AMG E63 S!

But how do we know this? Well for starters, it’s been confirmed that Lotus is working on a saloon. And it’s also been confirmed that it will share the same platform as used in the Eletre SUV. However, we also know that an Eletre R is due in the future, which is set to come with dual electric motors to produce an incredible 918hp - making it one of the fastest electric SUVs in the world!

What’s more, we also know that the Eletre starts from under £90,000, with the Eletre R costing around £120,000. So given that a saloon is likely to be cheaper to build than an SUV, it’s fair to assume that a saloon built on the same platform may come in slightly cheaper, which would make it more powerful and quicker than the £140,000+ Taycan Turbo S!

So would you choose a Lotus saloon over a BMW or Porsche? Let us know in the comments!

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added on 27 Mar. 2023


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