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Check out the brand new 2021 BMW M3 Competition and M4 Competition! The G80 models are now BMW's 6th generation of the hugely popular cars, which have very much grown up with hosts of new technology. Let's take a look at the controversial new appearance and run through all the details!

The new M3 and M4 are each available in a number of different models and body styles; the M3 will represent both the Saloon (G80) and Touring (G81), with the M4 for the Coupe (G82) and Convertible (G83), each of which can be had as 3 different configurations. 2 of these are the automatic 8spd M Steptronic gearbox versions either as rear-wheel drive or configurable M xDrive, and the third is a manual that's rear wheel drive only. The latter being the purist version, albeit with slightly less power and torque. All the cars have the 3.0 litre TwinPower Turbo inline-6 that makes 510hp and 650Nm in the Competition models, then 480hp and 550Nm in the manual car.

The discussion of the front grilles will no doubt go on for many years to come, with all derivatives wearing the new look tall-and-narrow kidney grilles, the M3 inheriting exactly the same front bumper components as the M4. The cars are widened from their base models, which is particularly visible with the size of the arches of the M3. On the inside there are new seat options, and updates to the look and feel with items like the M1 and M2 mode toggles on the steering wheels.

In terms of technology, the M3 and M4 incorporate a variety of features previously only found in their larger and more expensive siblings; from the switchable M xDrive 4wd to 2wd settings, to the new Integrated Brake Assist to change the brake pedal feel. They've also launched a new M Traction Mode whereby the car allows the driver to select the amount of angle they'd like the car to allow them. This works in tandem with the M Drift Control which keeps track of drift records and details in the car's infotainment!

With both the new M3 Competition and M4 Competition to explore, let's take a full look in detail to go through all of the features of the cars, including a sound check to hear the exhaust note.

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added on 23 Sep. 2020

Make: BMW


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