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My Supra NEEDS THIS Exhaust from the Manhart MHZ4 440!

The Manhart MHZ4 440 takes the sister car to my Supra, the new BMW Z4 M40i, and dials it up big time! With 440hp and one of the craziest exhaust sounds, it's an absolute blast to drive on the Autobahns and countryside. Do you think my Supra should get an exhaust like this?!

BMW and Toyota engineered the new Z4 and GR Supra together meaning the Z4 M40i shares many of the components; for example variations of the B58 3.0l turbo inline-6 engine and much of the exhaust system. Manhart have then taken the Z4 M40i and given it a visual overhaul, fitted their Concave One wheels, new lowering springs, the MHtronik power unit, and above all else: the most unreal export exhaust.

Let's get the car fired up inside the Manhart showroom before pulling it outside for a test drive on some local roads as well as putting down the power on the Autobahns to see what it's like and get a taster for what it could be like tuning my Supra.

The long awaited Manhart Emulator Control Module is here and I saw it in this video. The answer to a growing demand of clients who are looking for a suitable and easy solution that deals with the removal of OPF/GPF-filters, catalytic converters, automatic start/stop, Automatic Sound Design (ASD / fake exhaust sound in the cabin), and/or valve control via the buttons on the multi-functional steering of their BMW vehicle, which is part of the Fxx or Gxx model series.

The ECM was also developed to answer the questions from many clients on how to deal with the newly released OPF/GPF-filters in case an exhaust system is being replaced. Customers that opt for an aftermarket exhaust system on their vehicle might run into issues with engine warning messages and limp mode sequences, which could only be dealt with via an ECU/DME mapping, remap or tune. For people who want to replace their exhaust with a new aftermarket cat-back system or a non-homologated slip-on/axle back system and don’t want to ECU/DME tune their car due to warranty concerns, the ECM is the solution since it will deal with any OPF/GPF errors accordingly.

For more information on the Emulator Control Unit, please check out this link:

Thanks for watching, Tim


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added on 30 Sep. 2019


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