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MY SENNA IS BACK! Collection with My G63

It's finally time to bring my McLaren Senna home! After 6 months off the road, how better to bring it back to the garage than to do so by trailer behind my matching spec AMG G63. It's been a long wait that's required a lot of patience, but this feels like collection day of it like a brand new car again!

Joining up with Turbo Transport, the first stop is to hook up the trailer for the purpose to the hook on the G63 - the ultimate towing beast. Having used it just the once before to collect my new AMG GT R Pro two weeks ago, this time around it's Turbo Tony's time behind the wheel for the first stretches to take us in the direction of the Senna at Chartwell in Derby.

Chartwell were chosen to manage the project due to their experience in this field, and close ties working with McLaren Automotive directly in terms of the parts, MSO paintwork, calibration and factory technicians coming out to work on it at various stages. I got to see it at various stages as well as experience joining the shakedown and the very final fixes before it has all been completely signed-off where now it is time for the 'reveal' as a deja vu of when it was new this time 12 months ago.

With torrential weather doing its thing, we load the Senna into the trailer with thanks to Tony for his expertise and assistance meanwhile I'm loading up some of the spare parts that have come off the car into the G63. My intention is to use these to form artworks and display items in the future mancave.

It has been a long wait and required a lot of patience, but it's back now and 2020 will have adventures that feel like it's new all over again!

Huge thanks to Turbo Transport:

And of course to Chartwell's:

Thanks for watching, Tim


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added on 21 Dec. 2019


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