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My New BMW M8 Competition Won't Be THIS LOUD!

This is the brand new BMW M8 Competition and the very first chance to experience what it's like as we go flat out at the Goodwood hillclimb! The new flagship BMW M8 is a future member of my garage but just wait until you hear how this sounds with a decat exhaust.

Kicking off in the Supercar Paddock, let's take a very quick look at the car before hearing it coming into life - armed with a decat exhaust. For demonstration purposes on the track the car is running with the system as found on the M5 MotoGP Safety Car. At the wheel I'm joining Colin Turkington, current BTCC champion and championship winner, to show us what the car can do.

As we head out there's an opportunity for a bit of fun, surrounded by the most incredible of car line-ups. Then it's time to push on as we blast up the hillclimb to experience the swift and effortless power of the M8 with 625hp from the 4.4l twin turbo V8. Along the way we can demonstrate the different driving M Modes and Setup to show what it offers with the M xDrive system.

Thanks for watching, Tim


Credits Shmee150
added on 5 Jul. 2019

Make: BMW


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