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My New AMG G63 is Being TRANSFORMED!

It's time to transform my brand new AMG G63! Straight from collecting the Mercedes G Wagon we're cracking on with the colour change with Topaz Skin. Not only that, with Omaze you could win a G63 plus $20,000 cash while supporting a good cause:

The plan all along has been to replicate the colour scheme of my McLaren Senna onto the G63, which is ordered in a sensible overall specification but will eventually be used to actually tow the Senna. This means the body will be paint matched to the MSO Cerulean Blue with satin navy blue accents for the secondary parts of the body, all being done with the new Topaz Skin - a peelable removable painted protective coating. Think of it like a sprayable form of PPF with the bonus of including a fully painted colour layer with the finished appearance of a complete paint job.

Upon arrival at Topaz Detailing, we can catch up with Nabil for an update on the facility and a full explanation of how this works and what's happening next. In addition we created the paint samples live to determine how we're going to be proceeding to get the car spot on. Not only that but they also have a Bugatti EB110 with Topaz Skin painted in the metallic of the Lamborghini Diablo SE30 - an epic colour!

Thanks to Omaze, there is also the opportunity for one of you to win a Mercedes-AMG G63 as well! Not only that but with taxes and shipping included plus $20,000 cash to go with it. If you make a donation you are entered in to win, while supporting the charity SameYou in the process that helps young adults who have suffered brain injury or stroke. All the details and more can be found here:

A special thanks also of course to Topaz, I can't wait to see the result of the skin on my G63 and come back for an update very soon!

You can find out more about Topaz with the following links:

Thanks for watching, Tim


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added on 23 Jun. 2019


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