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My Heritage Focus RS is No GARAGE QUEEN!!

I think it's safe to say that my Heritage Edition Ford Focus RS is no garage queen! I'm a believer in cars being used properly, so when the snow started falling hard that was the perfect opportunity to go out and have some fun... so let's find out how it went!

Having driven down to the Geneva motorshow in the Focus RS, before flying out to South Africa, upon return to the Alps it's up into the mountains on a snow day for some fun. The car now has around 2,500 miles on the clock so has also completed the run-in process and can be driven harder.

The Heritage RS is one of just 50 cars, and with the plan having been to bring it to winter wonderland, the fact it just happened to totally dump snow worked out perfectly. Prior to the trip the car had Gtechniq Ceramic Coating installed as well as being fitted with Nokian WR D4 winter tyres with the intention of some photos of the Tief Orange paintwork popping against a white background.

At the end of a powder day on the slopes, I jumped into the car to take it out for a drive to get a feel for the 4WD system and how it would handle quite so much snow. The short story is remarkably impressively, providing more than enough grip of the snow covered roads, and refusing to get stuck in the deep powder in a car park.

I intend to keep the Heritage RS in my permanent car collection, and that comes from building up memories and enjoyment with it. Naturally, this was something fun that I won't forget with the car!

Thanks for watching, Tim


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added on 16 Mar. 2019


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