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My GT R Pro is HOME to Shmeemobile Battery TROUBLES!

It's trouble for the Shmeemobiles! I'm finally on the road back home with my AMG GT R Pro with fears of some flat batteries in the storage. First up, my SLS Black Series is over to RENNtech, Robert takes delivery of his McLaren 620R, and then it's a smooth drive back home, before the problem strikes...

Departing in the evening from the Nurburgring, I've finally caught up with Misha, and of course Robert having taken delivery of his brand new 620R and immediately driven a lap with it. However, running a little behind schedule the first port of call is to get my SLS BS dropped off to RENNtech in advance of the work to install the R1 package starting when I return back out.

Straight after though, it's back to Apex to collect the AMG GT R Pro and get this long journey started, going well into the night. With the UK lifting certain restrictions, it's now possible to venture home and return to the cars - however, in no time at all I'll be swapping to the Ford GT and heading back to Germany.

Recently, when friends have been checking on my cars, a problem cropped up with the power supply where it appeared a fuse had gone meaning the chargers were switched off but we didn't know exactly how long for. Supercars normally have to be kept on chargers to prevent this but some can be more sensitive to problems with it than others and it's very hard to know. Arriving after 3am, the first port of call is to have a rest before trying out the 3 cars left at home off charge; the Toyota GR Supra, Focus RS Red Edition and Focus RS Heritage. With all successfully firing into life it's over to the storage to run through the Ferrari GTC4Lusso, Ford GT, McLaren Senna, Aston GT8 and AMG G63... with all but one roaring into action as hoped.

Unfortunately though, my Ferrari seems to have given up, with absolutely no signs of life to speak of. It feels like the trickle charger might have given up completely and perhaps even that's the reason for the fuse going, but rest assured there will be an update to follow very soon and all will be back up and running.

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Thanks for watching, Tim


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added on 10 Jul. 2020


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