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My GT R Pro is Damaged - Can PPF Save the Day?

Bad times for my AMG GT R Pro, it's taken a knock to the back but let's see if Topaz PPF can save the day! While the carbon part certainly needs replacing, fears of having to respray bodywork do not go down well, so step one is certainly to find out if that can be avoided. It happens, and fortunately it's not worse!

A few days ago I took out the GT R Pro for a drive and while it was parked up on private land, unfortunately it was clipped at the back by a buggy towing a trailer, which made a small amount of damage to the bumper and diffuser. The specific part that caught it was the wheel arch cover on the right side of the trailer, making contact to the GT R Pro's painted bumper, carbon diffuser, and carbon heatshield on the exhaust.

The first question is has the PPF saved the Diamond White paint? As with most of the Shmeemobiles, the Pro has full paint protection film from Topaz Detailing including the rear bumper and it's safe to assume without this the surface of the rear bumper would have taken a fair old beating and now require some form of blended respray. However, PPF serves multiple purposes, including protecting the paint and also being easy to clean. While I feared it might need a new piece of film installed, with the right gear fortunately it's even easier than that!

The carbon diffuser is of course a different story, requiring a new main diffuser component and also the exhaust surround, fortunately though these parts are not as expensive as you might expect on such a car, coming in at £1,750 including VAT but of course before labour to be replaced. Thankfully the other party has accepted liability for the incident and all should be swiftly and smoothly resolved; with only the need to replace a bolt-on part making it exactly as new. My biggest fear by far was if there'd been a need for any kind of respray, which would have been a complete disaster on pearl metallic paintwork.

There's more news today though on the future of the Shmeemobiles; they will now be finding a new home! I have given in notice on my leases for the parking spaces as times have changed and it no longer suits my needs, so after 4 years in the storage I will be moving to a new facility. That is not specifically set at this stage; perhaps for a while they go to Germany, maybe out of London, until ultimately settling on a home for a Shmuseum venue down the line.

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added on 1 Oct. 2020


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