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My Friend GerCollector's Senna is Back After the Fire!

My friend GerCollector's McLaren Senna is back! After a fire incident last year, the car is rebuilt and returns to the garage with a few changes. Let's hop on board and head over to McLaren Munich where his P1 is currently in for a major engine-out service.

Last year's incident happened very much in the public eye during a parade lap on the Red Bull Ring. However, things are now much more positive as the car has been returned to full working order and in fact includes a number of new changes to go with it. While being finished in Abyss Black with the blue aero flaps, calipers, gas struts and more, it's also now finished with a gloss carbon fibre look to the interior parts and also the exterior visible carbon.

Having driven over to visit the GerCollection in my SLS Black Series, let's take a quick tour around the garage, now becoming more of a mancave as well, before pulling the Senna out. Exiting to the road is via the garage's lift, before we head for a cautious drive over to the dealership - given the car is still being run in.

Upon arrival at McLaren Munich, it's amazing to have an opportunity to see some of the internal details of the P1, McLaren's first hybrid vehicle. In fact both this P1 and Senna are number #150 out of 375 and 500 respectively. With the engine out for a full maintenance check over the components, you can see how the Hybrid Drive Assembly connects the motor into the system between the gearbox and V8. Personally, I'm always intrigued to learn more about the engineering that goes into these cars and their respective systems.

Back onboard we return to GerCollector's garage, via spotting a BMW M8 Gran Coupe First Edition along the way!

Thanks to GerCollector for the outing in the Senna:

And to McLaren Munich for the opportunity to learn something new about the P1, one of the most legendary hypercars of recent times:

Thanks for watching, Tim


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added on 4 Jun. 2020


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