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My Friend Bought the First NEW AUDI RS6 in the UK!

Check out my friend Jason's brand new Audi RS6! It's the latest 600 horsepower super-wagon from Audi and this was even the first one delivered in the UK. In stunning blue paintwork, and with plenty of go, let's take it out to see what the fuss is about with the new model.

Join me at Jason's garage where we also have his Ferrari 458 Speciale and Dino, as well as the latest arrival that's already been to Topaz for full PPF ahead of delivery. The car is a launch edition in Navarra Blue with 22" wheels, gigantic brakes with red calipers, the gloss black optics package and a black leather interior. Up front is a 600hp and 800nm twin turbo V8 to provide plenty of grunt for a family with luggage, or a pet, or just going about any daily duties in a subtle and stylish way.

There's something about the Audi RS Avant models, the name given to the estates from Ingolstadt. The new RS6 shares a lot in common with the RS7 that I drove previously, but let's have a good look inside and check out all of the details of this impressive machine.

This particular car actually arrived back in December and was then released for PPF at Topaz prior to being officially allowed to be delivered by Audi UK. On the day it could then be collected it was driven away without delay, first thing in the morning! Thanks to Jason for joining me and congratulations on the new acquisition.

Thanks for watching, Tim


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added on 4 Feb. 2020

Make: Audi


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