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My FORD GT is Nearly Ready!

Meet my new Ford GT! I ventured to the assembly plant in Canada to see my car on the production line as things start to come together and to get a first look at the paint colours themselves. The countdown is on until delivery in approximately one month from now!

The Ford GT has been developed by Ford Performance with Multimatic, who are responsible for the build at their Niche Vehicle assembly plant. Customers are invited to visit their car on their line although it is not permitted to bring in a camera and take photos or video due to the other customer cars present (some in very individual colour schemes) and other development work in progress. It is with huge thanks that the team made it possible to share a few select photos with you guys to get a feel for the process and what it is like, as this was a complete exception to the norm and in no normal circumstance can it be done.

With 17 stations for the GT to travel through, mine is seen in what's called "2.5" where we can see the roof panel painted and bonded to the roll cage and carbon tub, with the rear sub-assembly including the 3.5l TT EcoBoost V6 in place. It will travel down the line through the installation of mechanical components before sitting down on its own wheels to then have the interior and body panels fitted. It will next go through testing on the dyno and water test, before a heavy detail and perfection ahead of shipping out and catching a flight to Europe. This is of course my first opportunity to see the painted panels in Liquid Red and Alan Mann Gold and I have to say in person they are incredible, I'm very pleased with my choice and how this will look when it's completed.

It's been a long wait, but being able to see the car this close to the finishing line was really special and it's a huge thanks to those that made it possible. It won't be long now until all is completed and we're ready for it to touch down for collection day.

Thanks for watching, Tim


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added on 14 Oct. 2018

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