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My Focus RS has an XForce Varex Exhaust! | PROJECT PART 6

Time to upgrade the exhaust on my project Ford Focus RS with the installation of an XForce Varex catback system at Sutton Bespoke! The new exhaust is fully controllable from my phone over bluetooth while offering both a deeper and throatier sound as well as the ultimate crackles on demand! Enjoy some before and after comparisons as it's fitted to the car.

XForce Varex systems have a smart controller and app that lets you adjust the continually variable valves based on a whole host of factors. For example it could be connected to RPM, throttle pressure, speed or even your geographical to close when you're arriving back to your home! I wanted to demonstrate all of the modes in the video so you could get a feeling for exactly how it works; very easily and brilliantly integrated.

Sutton Bespoke is the official UK distributor for XForce exhausts, including the likes of the Focus RS and Mustangs, as well as being dealer for American cars and servicing/work to them. A big thanks to Clive Sutton and team for the work to fit the exhaust to the car, which is actually the very first one to be fitted in the UK.

You can find out more information about XForce here:

For more info on Clive Sutton and Sutton Bespoke, please see:

Thanks for watching, Tim


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added on 4 Nov. 2018


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