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It's the moment to drive both the McLaren Senna and Ford GT back to back for the first time! Having arrived in the garage at almost exactly the same time, and both being brutal track focused cars still legal for the road, how are they similar and how are they different; let's take them each out and discuss.

Joined by my friend Sam, first up comes the McLaren Senna for me - the rawest of the raw in terms of stiffness, vibrations, cabin sound and sheer experience. The Senna is undoubtedly the faster of the two cars but how does it handle the bumpy countryside roads?

Swapping over the keys it's then time to jump into the Ford GT; the homologated road car of the Le Mans winning GTE racecar. The GT mixes stunning looks and involving performance when driving hard with surprising levels of comfort and compliance on the roads.

The Senna and GT take many different approaches to aspects like their track/race modes, the controls on the steering wheels, and the ride comfort; yet both are thoroughbred cars with one purpose to be as fast as possible on track while still passing road homologation. With the difficulty to arrange insurance and have both driven together; this has been the first opportunity that I've been able to do so and what an unbelievable day to do it!

Also check Sam's channel and his videos with both cars at:

Thanks for watching, Tim


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added on 28 Feb. 2019

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