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My Car BATTLE! McLaren Senna vs Ford GT

This was epic! Driving both my McLaren Senna and Ford GT together back to back to feel how they are versus each other! Being two of the most extreme road cars out there, they go about things in very different ways, so let's experience them at the Nurburgring GP Track during Touristenfahrten to find out more.

I'm joined for the drives by my friend and pro-driver, Jeroen Mul, so they are in safe hands as we discover more during the Tourist Drives on the Nurnburgring Grand Prix circuit; operating as a toll road under normal destricted road conditions. With short stints in each car driving together giving us an opportunity to feel what they are like and learn some of the differences between the British and American supercars.

The McLaren Senna, named after the late but legendary driver, Ayrton Senna, is the most uncompromised track car to have worn number plates to date. With 800hp and 800nm coming from a TT V8, it also has 800kg of downforce thanks to the most insane amount of aero work including the gigantic rear wing and active aero flaps up front.

The Ford GT is the road homologation of the winning Le Mans 24H car in 2016; on its 50th anniversary return to the 24 hour race after the famous 1-2-3 race result of 1966. Powered by a 656hp 3.5l Ecoboost V6 it makes more than enough power and noise and has an exceptionally balanced set up as well as the clever 'Track Mode' where the entire suspension drops in a moment.

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added on 21 Apr. 2019


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