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Mustang Race 2011

the movie was conceived and filmed by members of our Polish Mustang Club, we did it all for free at our free time.

This is a promotional video the most important event for our club in 2011. This is the first edition, so keep your fingers crossed.

In ''2011 Mustangrace'' will attend about 31 mustangs different generations.

Film by

photography by
Marcin Bielawski
Mateusz Siwek
Patryk Jakowski

edited by
Mateusz Siwek

music by
The Jokes After Lunch "melanż"
Adham Shaikh "emergence""
Written and performed by Adham Shaikh
Published by Sonicturtle Music (SOCAN)
Courtesy of Interchill Records
By arrangement with

Credits Marcin Bielawski
added on 16 Dec. 2013

Make: Ford


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