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Mercedes CLK GTR: The ULTIMATE Group Test Part 3 | Carfection 4K

Part 3 of the McLaren F1, Porsche 911 GT1 and Mercedes CLK GTR group test series. Made in Collaboration with DK Engineering
These are three of the most iconic supercars of all time. We gathered all three for one of the most exciting group tests we have ever done. Henry Catchpole drives each of these epic road cars and explores their motorsport heritage as well as diving in deep to every detail that makes these cars so special.
Where else can you see a McLaren F1 review, a Porsche 911 GT1 review and a Mercedes CLK GTR review, all in one place?
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00:00 Intro
00:35 Introducing the Mercedes CLK GTR
01:58 Interior
06:03 More details on this specific CLK GTR
07:00 Driving
10:00 Conclusion
11:38 F1, 911 GT1 & CLK GTR group test conclusion

Credits Carfection
added on 21 May 2021

Make: Mercedes


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