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McLaren Speedtail INTERIOR 3 Seater McLaren F1 Is Back New McLaren Interior Video 2019 CARJAM

3 Seater McLaren F1 Is Back In The New McLaren Speedtail INTERIOR Price $2 Million New McLaren Interior Video McLaren’s Ultimate Series Watch in UltraHD + SUBSCRIBE #CARJAMTV
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The McLaren Speedtail picks its moment
McLaren’s first ‘Hyper-GT’ and the ultimate McLaren road car; harmonizes sleek and seamless beauty with pioneering technologies and extreme performance
A car like no other: McLaren Speedtail Limited Edition of 106 will be produced, all of which are already reserved at a McLaren Speedtail price from £1.75million plus taxes
Carbon fiber McLaren Mono-cage body structure unique to the Speedtail envelops McLaren F1-inspired central driving position and two additional passenger seats
Teardrop-shaped McLaren Speedtail interior cockpit and dramatically elongated, aerodynamically optimized, 5.2m carbon fiber body key to McLaren Speedtail being the most aero-drag efficient McLaren road car
The fastest McLaren ever built, McLaren Speedtail top speed of 403km/h (250mph)
Pioneering petrol-electric hybrid McLaren Speedtail engine delivers a combined 1,050PS for acceleration of 0-300km/h (0-186mph) in 12.8 seconds
Unique Velocity mode optimizes the McLaren Speedtail power-train and active aerodynamics to achieve maximum speed and can also lower the Speedtail by 35mm
Bespoke P-ZEROTM tire developed with McLaren technology partner, Pirelli
Carbon fiber, front-wheel static aero-covers; retractable digital rear-view cameras in lieu of mirrors; and patented active rear ailerons all contribute to aerodynamic excellence
Double-skinned, power-operated dihedral McLaren Speedtail doors with single-piece ‘wrapover’ lightweight glazing
McLaren Speedtail Interior design and specification realizes a new level of technical luxury
Advanced McLaren Speedtail electrochromic glass darkens top of the windscreen at the touch of a button, removing the need for sun visors
Introduces a new standard of McLaren bespoke customization, including interwoven carbon titanium deposition materials and digitally embossed, full-aniline and lightweight leathers
First of 18 new cars or derivatives to be announced under the Track25 business plan.
McLaren Speedtail recently revealed to future owners and McLaren customers
McLaren’s next Ultimate Series and first ever McLaren Hyper-GT to be revealed for 2019
Name evocative of a peak speed higher than any #mclaren yet – over 243mph – and a momentous, flowing, highly streamlined design
Combined power output from its McLaren hybrid petrol-electric drivetrain of over 1000PS
Centrally-mounted driving position with two seats either side inspired by #mclarenF1 road car
McLaren Speedtail interior options features exquisite new materials encouraging boundless tailoring through #mclaren Special Operations (MSO)
First of 18 new cars or derivatives to be announced under the Track25 business plan
Only 106 McLaren Speedtail will be produced – and all are already reserved at £1.75million plus taxes

McLaren #automotive, the British creator of luxury sportscars and supercars and now a Hyper-GT, will reveal the stunning, streamlined form of the #mclaren #speedtail and some of its astonishing technical details here

The 106 clients who have secured their own #speedtail, the next chapter in McLaren’s Ultimate Series, will see this momentous car shortly at a private event being held in London. Many, many more people will be given the opportunity to appreciate McLaren’s first Hyper-GT via the online reveal at cars.mclaren.com when #mclaren will also confirm the Speedtail’s maximum speed which will be higher than any car it has yet produced, plus expose its advanced, beautifully-crafted McLaren Speedtail interior with centrally-mounted driving seat. It is also significant that this is the first of 18 new McLaren cars or derivatives that #mclaren will introduce as part of its Track25 business plan.

The #mclaren #speedtail is expected to deliver an unprecedented blend of contemporary craftsmanship, material innovation and bespoke personalization. It will have the capability to exceed the 243mph peak speed of the legendary #mclaren F1 road car thanks to a petrol-electric hybrid powertrain delivering more than 1000PS. Its #design will be futuristic and highly streamlined, incorporating exquisite new materials to facilitate limitless possibilities for tailoring through #mclaren Special Operations (MSO).

The entire production of the #mclaren #speedtail was allocated before the project, originally known as BP23, was officially announced in November 2016. Production is due to begin at the end of next year, with every #mclaren #speedtail personalised to each owner’s taste by #mclaren Special Operations (MSO), the division of #mclaren #automotive responsible for bespoke customer commissions.

added on 28 Oct. 2018

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