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McLaren Senna FLAMES at 200mph!

Not only does the McLaren Senna reach 200mph on the German Autobahn with ease, but it makes some pretty epic flames in the process! My car has been staying in the lobby of the V8 Hotel recently, but now it's time to get it back out on the road. Where could be better to head for a last outing before it goes back home?!

After my last visit to Stuttgart, I left my McLaren Senna parked in the lobby at the V8 Hotel! Connected to the hotel itself is the McLaren Stuttgart showroom where it had the 2nd year annual service and new rear tyres thanks to a puncture in the meantime. However, it's also been a great place to keep the car, parked sandwiched between the reception desk and the hotel's bar.

However, on a recent drive late at night, I experienced quite how insane the flames are from the exhaust while you're driving the car in the dark. It's something that's often been discussed with McLaren models; in fact I even shot videos before of my older cars driving in the dark, but more recently it has been the 600LT that got all the attention.

MP4-12C flames:

650S flames:

675LT flames:

This time around though, come and check this out with me and even better, a proper run out on the Autobahn. On the de-restricted sections of the German motorways it doesn't take much for a car like the McLaren Senna to reach 200mph (320km/h). When it gets there, the exhaust is happily blasting out the blue stuff!

Thanks for watching, Tim


Credits Shmee150
added on 11 Nov. 2020

Make: McLaren


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