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McLaren P1 - Paris Motor Show 2012 - XCAR

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The McLaren F1 is one of the most iconic supercars ever made -- it remains a legend to this day. So how on earth do you create a suitable follow up? Well, McLaren is hoping that is Paris Motor Show offering, the P1 is just that.

McLaren says it has 800bhp, with another 166bhp on tap thanks to an F1-derived KERS set up. That means a sub-3.0second 0-62mph time and a top speed approaching 240mph. McLaren has gone on record to say that the P1 isn't designed to best the Veyron for speed, but to be the most complete road AND track vehicle money can buy.

On the looks front, the P1 is in no way lacking. It's really striking up close, though its surprisingly small -- park it next to a 911 and you'll hard pressed to tell which is bigger. It's got a few nods to the F1 built in -- the details on the doors and roof scoop are prime examples.

The McLaren P1 is, for now at least, a concept though you can safely expect to see a more complete car next year.

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added on 28 Sep. 2012

Make: McLaren


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