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Manny Khoshbin's STEALTHY BATMOBILE McLaren P1!

There are McLaren P1s and then there's Manny Khoshbin's McLaren P1 in full satin exposed carbon fibre! If Batman was going to drive one, then it would certainly be this - the only satin carbon P1 in the world. Let's check it out before going for a drive together in the spaceship!

Manny's ever growing hypercar collection features some extraordinary machines, the highlight of which for me is the MK Edition which I first filmed about 5 years ago in its previous look when the car was Alaskan Diamond White! However, since then it went back to MSO to become a Carbon Series and the only one with a satin finish. Never did I think Manny would one day invite me to take it for a drive, but here we are together to shuffle the cars around and head out on the roads.

There's something about the P1 that makes it unlike anything else, and instantly I'm blown away by it, what a car. Experimenting with things like the e-mode for full electric driving and feeling some of the power gives a small sense of what it has to offer

Manny has also been out for a drive in my Ford GT which you'll be able to see on his new channel:

Thanks for watching, Tim


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added on 11 Oct. 2019

Make: McLaren


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