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Manhart MH8 800 - 300km/h in the World's MOST POWERFUL BMW M8!

The Manhart MH8 800 is the world's most powerful BMW M8, so where better to head than the de-restricted German Autobahns! Reaching 300km/h with effortless ease, it truly demonstrates an immense capability for high speed travel while introducing a more aggressive look to the flagship BMW.

To create the MH8 800, Manhart have heavily reworked a BMW M8 Competition, with new turbos and downpipes along with a modified ECU that takes power from the standard 625hp and 750nm to 823hp and 1,050nm - a growth of 198hp and 300nm! As a result, the performance numbers are exceptional; 0-100km/h (62mph) is just 2.6s instead of the standard 3.2s, and then the 100-200 sprint is dispatched in only 5.5s.

In addition it's completed with Manhart's 21" Concave 1 wheels, KW springs 30mm lower than standard, new carbon pieces for example at the front grille, lower lip and rear aero pieces. The car is also fitted with an incredible valve controlled exhaust system, which is switched via the cruise control steering wheel toggles, which are also housed by new carbon inserts for the steering wheel.

Kicking off from the Manhart showroom, let's take a look around the car and the changes that have been made, before firing it up and getting it out to go for a test drive. Naturally the first destination is towards the Autobahn and some de-restricted sections to experience the power available. And it very much is, effortlessly pulling up to 300km/h in a way that even makes my SLS Black Series seem sluggish.

There is no doubt that this is the ultimate machine for barreling down the German motorways, travelling in style, comfort and with great pace in an effortless manor. The experience is actually quite remarkable as this is by no means a light weight car, but it gets a move on with an instant ease that is not normally seen.

Thanks for watching, Tim


Credits Shmee150
added on 14 Jun. 2020

Make: BMW


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