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LOUD STRAIGHT PIPE Ferrari 488 Liberty Walk at RDB LA!

A visit to Los Angeles had to include a stop at RDB LA to catch up with Vik! We took the insane Liberty Walk Ferrari 488 with straight pipe exhaust out for a ride, as well as the 1016 widebody Lamborghini Urus, and had a look at some of their crazy projects currently going on.

After driving over in the Ford GT, Vik takes us on a tour around RDB LA to check out some of the cars and projects currently in progress. Out front of course that means the Ferrari 488 GTB with full Liberty Walk widebody kit and a crazy straight pipe exhaust system. It's also sitting on Novitec lowering springs and painted in Le Mans Blu - the same colour as my old Ferrari FF!

Also present is a new Toyota GR Supra, car #0003 out of the 1,500 launch editions in the USA, Vik's Lamborghini Urus with 1016 widebody kit, the project G550 4x4^2 that's being converted into a convertible with luxurious rear seats.

We have to take a listen to the 488 though so after firing it up, join us for a quick run around the block to experience it, followed then by a drive in the Urus too.

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added on 30 Aug. 2019

Make: Ferrari


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