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Let's Ride in the NEW Gulf Ford GT to the Craziest Car Event!

The covers are off the new 2019 Ford GT Gulf Heritage livery and I join Le Mans 24H winner, Joey Hand, for a drive to the Exotics on Cannery Row grid to be met by huge crowds and epic supercars! To celebrate the racing successes in 1968 and 1969, the final Heritage livery pays tribute to the legendary GT40 that achieved a double victory in those respective years.

With the Gulf Oil livery in Powder Blue and Gulf Orange representing one of the most recognisable and iconic motorsport liveries of all time, it was only right that the new model Ford GT would receive such a finish. With many renders being created since the introduction of the new car, it's now available in limited numbers wearing a number 9 for the 2019 model year car, and a number 6 for the 2020 - to match with the 50th anniversaries of the respective wins.

In 2016, Joey Hand was part of the Ford GT GTE LMPro team that won the class at the 24H of Le Mans race to again return victory to Ford, and it's great to hear some of his thoughts as to what went into the road car and what it's like in comparison.

The arrival at Exotics on Cannery Row was far beyond what I expected; a crowd that must have been 30-40,000 strong and a monumentally epic line-up to go along with it. As such it was a great experience to arrive with the Heritage GT and park centre stage.

It was also great to meet and discuss the GT with Jordan Moran!

Thanks for watching, Tim


Credits Shmee150
added on 26 Aug. 2018

Make: Ford


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