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Lamborghini SIAN: First Look At The Hybrid Aventador SJV | Carfection

Based on the Aventador SVJ, the Lamborghini SIAN could be the Hybrid replacement for the Aventador. Henry Catchpole took paid it a visit at the 2019 Frankfurt Auto show.

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For years, auto enthusiasts scowled at the the thought of hybrid technology taking away displacement, power and tradition in the pursuit of fewer emissions. It's safe to say that is not the case because mad minds like those inside of Lamborghini are using the technology to create faster, more-powerful supercars.

The case in point today is the Lamborghini Sian, which bowed Tuesday ahead of its maiden reveal at the 2019 Frankfurt Motor Show later this month. The Sian marks a new era for the Italian firm -- one that leans on electrification to not only create more powerful cars, but efficient ones to boot.

Let's start with the electrified heart of it all. Under the striking and jagged sheetmetal is a traditional V12 engine, but rather than a lithium-ion battery that is often the norm, Lamborghini said it's instead installed the first supercapacitor to operate in a hybrid powertrain. The supercapacitor has multiple benefits over a traditional battery. The unit included with the Sian is three times more powerful than a battery and three times lighter than a battery that produces the same power. In supercars, keeping weight out of the equation is always a primary goal.

Weighing just 75 pounds, the supercapacitor and electric motor sit between the cockpit and bulkhead to ensure a perfect weight distribution remains. Speaking of the electric motor, it creates 34 horsepower of the 819 hp on tap. It's also bundled into the transmission for quick response and even better acceleration than the Aventador SVJ. At low speeds, the supercapacitor and electric motor provides enough power to operate the Sián on electric power. Not a lot, though, since Lamborghini mentioned drivers will operate the supercar silently will parking or reversing, for example.

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added on 10 Sep. 2019

Make: Lamborghini


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