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IT'S HOME! My SLS AMG Black Series Returns After 11,000 Miles

It's finally time to bring my SLS AMG Black Series back home! After a ridiculous 11,000 mile road trip over almost half a year, the permanent Shmeemobile is returning back home in the company of the Red Focus RS that's now sold. Along the way, the final document for the GT R Roadster is ready to be signed...

Starting off from Apex at the Nurburgring, the Ring season has come to an end for me but it's time for the long drive to get the last remaining Shmeemobiles back home. The SLS AMG Black Series has been on the road now for 18,000km (11,000 miles), during which it's been all around Europe to so many different things; from Ring laps, to the GT Black Series launch, to Autobahn blasts, to many stops in countries like Switzerland, Italy, Austria and more. We're also taking back the Ford Focus RS Red Edition which had been brought out for some laps of the Ring, as it is now ready to be heading to a new owner and its next home.

This means a 400 mile drive via a run on the Autobahn towards the Eurotunnel and back for two stops in the UK; firstly to sign the last document for the GT R Roadster collection that's coming in a few days, and secondly to drop it off with the team at Duntbarn, in the company of some of the other cars from my collection. No doubt the near future is going to involve quite the garage shuffle with a few cars departing and a few others joining the garage - so watch this space!

From this point, it will be quite the hibernation for the SLS. After such a long adventure I'll be letting the car chill for a while before calling it back into service, similarly to the Ford GT after my tour around the USA last year. It's great to have the cars all back, but now the hunt is fully on for the Shmuseum!

For the avoidance of any doubt, considering at time of upload the current regulations would require a quarantine on return to the UK, this video was filmed on Tuesday 2nd November, in advance of those rules that were introduced on Thursday 4th.

Thanks for watching, Tim


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added on 16 Nov. 2020


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