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IT'S HERE! Collecting My New Toyota GR Supra

It's time to collect my brand new Toyota GR Supra! I'm lucky to have secured an A90 Edition, one of only 90 cars in the exclusive Storm Grey paint and one of the first to be delivered in the UK. Join me for the handover before immediately departing on a day one road trip to the Nurburgring in Germany!

The newest Shmeemobile comes after an almost 12 month wait and is one of only 300 total new 5th generation Supras that are coming to the UK in the first year out of 900 in Europe. Of those the A90 Edition was allocated on a first come first served basis when the order spec forms opened online and I was lucky to secure one of just 24 of the 90 that are coming to the UK in total.

The first port of call is to Jemca Toyota Edgware Road in central London for the handover, joined by my friend Andy with another Supra, and Dev from Jemca. Then it's time to pull the covers to reveal the car before coming up with a plan for the number plate mounting at the front - which isn't the easiest on the Supra - but there's more on this to come.

Then it's straight onto the roads with some indecision as to whether the plan is next stop at the Ring or onwards to Frankfurt, but ultimately the decision is made to get a lap in at the Green Hell the next day - something to tick off with a brand new car.

I'm delighted with the car, and actually my first ever satin paint car that I've bought, but this is just the start of some big adventures to come. Next up it's the Nurburgring Nordschleife and then onwards to Cars & Coffee Munich!

Thanks for watching, Tim


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added on 14 Sep. 2019

Make: Toyota


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