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IT'S HERE! Collecting My New AMG G63

The day has arrived to collect my brand new Mercedes-AMG G63! It's been a very long wait for the G Class to arrive, but join me for a run up in my AMG GT R to pick up the super-off-roader from the Mercedes-Benz HQ in the UK to bring the newest Shmeemobile home!

The collection comes after bringing you along for the spec process, seeing the engine assembly in Affalterbach, Germany, and then even going to see my very car coming down the production line in Graz, Austria. Now though, it's time for the car to be added to the garage ahead of all the adventures to come that will include some winter driving, off-roading and using it to tow some of the other cars in the garage now that I've got my B+E license too.

First up will be a transformation to the car including the Topaz Skin to make it Shmee Blue rather than the original Obsidian Black; the final design will consist of both the famous lighter blue as well as some satin navy accents. It will also get one of the more usual Shmee number plates as opposed to the "SHMEE150" show plate you see it wearing here; that is not a legal UK plate but purely for display purposes.

In terms of other options, it has the upgraded leather interior, the night pack for the exterior, the black wheels with grey calipers and a generally loaded up spec. Of course it will change appearance with Topaz Skin but as a place to start it looks incredibly menacing!

I'm very excited of course that the day has arrived, the wait for a G63 is approximately 12 months so it's been a long time coming, and as many will realise it is actually the first proper SUV in my garage (not counting the Jimny!).

Thanks for watching, Tim


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added on 22 Jun. 2019


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