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IT'S HERE! Collecting My AMG GT R Roadster

It is FINALLY time to collect my brand new AMG GT R Roadster! After a long wait, let's get over to the dealer to take delivery of the newest Shmeemobile, shortly ahead of another imminent arrival... With the weather on side for a convertible,

Kicking off from garage with the AMG G63, let's get on the road to Mercedes-Benz Brentford in an almost-repeat of the GT R Pro collection a year prior. It's been a lengthy wait due to various things including travel restrictions, my own commitments, and the different guidelines that have been changing over the last few months. However, upon arrival the car is awaiting outside and good to finally go, and be directly driven home.

The AMG GT R Roadster is one of only 750 cars, with approximately 30 of those being in the UK, with mine in Hyacinth Red paintwork with the satin black RXC wheels and yellow calipers. Spec options were limited but it again shares the wonderful 4.0l Biturbo V8 with the Pro and G63 and a 7spd dual clutch. This time around though, it's a new convertible to join the Shmeemobiles - I've always loved putting the roof down but outside of the 675LT there haven't been many drop-tops in the garage in recent years.

Normally I take the view not to risk driving my cars on the road prior to PPF but this time around impatience has slightly got the better of me as I've just decided to get it back home directly - not to mention the challenges with the current rules. Fortunately all has gone fine, and the next stop will indeed be for PPF at Topaz.

I'm also excited to announce that I've partnered with Approved Motor Finance, created by the team responsible for funding all of my financed cars and now of course directly the AMG GT R Roadster. You can find out more about their offerings here:

Thanks for watching, Tim


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added on 20 Nov. 2020


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