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Is there a Tesla in My Future? Model 6 Performance Road Test

My thoughts on whether there will one day be a Tesla in my garage, while driving the Model Y Performance! Since buying my Porsche Taycan, there have been a lot of questions, especially with the Model S Plaid Plus soon to arrive. Join me then for my first drive in the Y to see what it's like.

The Tesla Model Y is available with very limited options; the Long Range or Performance Models, with 5 exterior colours, 2 interiors, and then adding self-driving, the 7 seat configuration, and/or a tow hook. This particular car at My Tesla Miami, a division of First Class Autosports, is the highest of those specs as a Performance with self-driving, plus given the limited options it also has numerous upgrades including the wrap, carbon fibre parts, new wheels and more.

With a start price of $50k, or $60k for the Performance model, somehow the Model Y offers 0-60mph in just 3.5 seconds - up there with supercars of just 10 years ago. However, the famed issues of Teslas certainly show through with poor panel alignment and quality issues that are instantly noticeable.

Thanks to My Tesla Miami and First Class Autosports:

Thanks for watching, Tim

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00:57 Walkaround
05:11 First Drive
13:25 Wrap-up

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added on 19 Feb. 2021

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