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Is a McLaren 600LT in My Garage's Future? | FIRST LOOK

The McLaren 600LT has arrived, so let's take a first look and ponder if it could be an option for a car in my garage in future? With the Senna inbound to join my 675LT Spider, is this McLaren overload or could a 600LT be on the way?

Introduced as the latest member of the Sports Series family, the McLaren 600LT brings with it the longtail ethos and track focused nature. Power raises to 600hp, 96kg of weight is saved, and significant new aero is added - this is going to be a force to be reckoned with.

After taking a look at the 600LT, let's move to discuss the future of my garage and wind back to my announcement from last year of 8 future cars. Those have turned out to be the AMG GT R, 911 GT3, Focus RS Red, and BMW M5 so far, with the Focus RS Heritage, Ford GT, McLaren Senna and TVR Griffith to come in future, as well as 1 more surprise and an M5 replacement... more to come!

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Thanks for watching, Tim


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added on 1 Jul. 2018

Make: McLaren


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