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I've Made My Ford GT Colour Choice!

I have made my choice for the colours on my Ford GT! So what's it going to be, and why? Let me introduce the design to you before heading to Alan Mann Racing to explain the story and why I've gone for these options.

The main Ford GT body colour will be Liquid Red Tri-coat; a colour that is deep and rich, a pearlescent metallic with multiple coats which means it has a wide spectrum from the lighter to darker areas you see. The stripes and wheels will be painted in a very specific shade of Gold from the Alan Mann Racing team of the 60s and 70s, replicated to match.

I have always been a fan of red and gold contrasting schemes for supercars as it makes quite a statement, which I think matches perfectly with the Ford GT as a car. It is a huge thanks to the team at Alan Mann Racing though for making it possible for me to create this car as a tribute with their exact shade, something that will forever carry a storyline as the car becomes a flagship member of my garage.

As explained in the video, the connections for me and this car back to the livery are vast. Alan Mann Racing were a British race team based out of Woking near to London, running various Ford models including the GT40 - to which the new GT was introduced as the 50th anniversary tribute. In 1968 they also ran the Escort mk1 that was victorious in the British Touring Car Championship; the car that then spawned the new Focus RS Heritage 50th anniversary car that will sit with my GT in the garage. During their time, they had drivers including Jacky Ickx, Sir Jackie Stewart, and importantly to me, Bruce McLaren. Of course I have a big fondness of McLaren cars so that's another connection, including the fact that Bruce himself won the famous 1966 Le Mans 24H race as he crossed the line at the front of the grid. As the pieces of this puzzle started to come together it became apparent to me that this was entirely the way to go for my car, and it is a huge thank you from me to the team that they were happy for me to do so.

As I now head to get the paint samples to lock it in with Ford themselves, as well as my other specification, I'll come back to you in a few days with the complete specification and other options that will be on the car.

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Thanks for watching, Tim


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added on 10 Jun. 2018

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