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I Missed Out on Buying an MSO HS!

Join me for an exclusive opportunity to discover the incredibly rare MSO HS! The car is the ultimate and final version of McLaren's 12C, 650S and 675LT platform, that's limited to only 25 units. My friend who happens to have one in his garage very kindly invited me to drive it to see what I think!

The MSO HS features a number of changes away from the 675LT Coupe on which it is based. With a power increase to 688hp and aero modifications consisting of a larger rear wing, canards and wearing a roof snorkel it also looks incredible too. Each of the customer cars are finished in unique liveries featuring very high levels of MSO customisation, in this case fundamentally based on Volcano Orange complemented by exposed carbon fibre and white pin stripes.

Where the 675LT had a build run of 500 cars, the MSO HS was exclusively limited at just 25 production cars, each of which went to very, very VIP customers of McLaren and more specifically MSO. At the time it was launched the car would have been my dream to supersede my 675LT Spider and retain a permanent garage spot but of course as a relatively insignificant customer to McLaren overall that was never going to happen and fortunately the Senna has since arrived that fills that gap.

None the less, I think it's fantastic, and I certainly missed out! A huge thanks to my friend for his hospitality and allowing me to take the wheel to discover what it's about.

Thanks for watching, Tim


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added on 25 Jul. 2019


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