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I Found ANOTHER Solarbeam AMG GT Black Series! Shmeemobile's Matching Twin

Wait, what?! There's another AMG GT Black Series in Solarbeam Yellow... Let's set off from @The Shmuseum for a road trip with my Ford Focus RS Heritage Edition to visit @eh0601 and check out the Hotcave, home to a matching twin to one of mine!

You may well remember that I've re-painted my AMG GT Black Series from the original Graphite Grey Magno into my favourite choice of Solarbeam because it was not possible to order that from factory, despite how much I was really keen to have that colour. You may wonder therefore how come there are others now sold in Solarbeam, with a few having been spotted around the world. The answer: in the UK market of RHD cars, it was only possible to order the standard colour palette, whereas in other regions they opened up to custom options (for a price!) at a later date and the second wave of allocations.

Regardless, getting on the road doesn't go without a hitch as for some reason the Focus RS has tyre pressures significantly down on one corner; to 23psi instead of 42 for whatever reason. Cue some panic as to what the problem is before it seems to hold pressure again without issue and on we go for the Eurotunnel crossing over to France, and onwards to Belgium.

It's here were we stop by the Hotcave, home of Emmanual @eh0601's fabulous collection and amazing dream garage. From the Solarbeam GT Black Series he only just received, to the Porsches and Ferraris, with a few cars that we have in common as well, let's take a tour around and check out this amazing space! In fact, I'm taking some major inspiration from this as to exactly what I plan to do with @The Shmuseum, so stay tuned for the updates to come. A huge thanks to Emmanual for hosting my visit:

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Thanks for watching, Tim

00:00 Intro
01:07 Road Trip Plans
02:37 Leaving The Shmuseum
04:28 Eurotunnel Crossing
06:36 The Solarbeam Story
08:12 Hotcave Car Collection
09:39 Solarbeam AMG GT Black Series Twin
12:21 Collection Tour Continued
17:37 Back on the Road
20:03 Wrap Up

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added on 2 Aug. 2022


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