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I Found a Hidden New York City Car Collection!

Tucked away in the streets of New York City lies this hidden jem of a car collection! Totally unobvious from the outside but housing a raw garage feel with 15 or or so cars including the likes of a Ferrari F12 TDF, Porsche GT2 RS and more great supercars. If you know NYC, to have any kind of self parking space is something, to create this environment is just amazing!

Based around a love for Ferrari and Porsche cars, those cover the majority of the very bright and colourful collection - right up my street. The Ferrari corner includes the Gialo Triplo Strato F12tdf, a car that I couldn't resist starting up to hear the V12 explode into life. Either side of it is a 458 Speciale and an incredibly rare 599 GTB Alonso Edition of which only 40 were made and this being the only one with a leather interior. Sitting up top is the 360 Modena, the first car of the collection.

On the other side lie the Porsches, flagshipped by the GT2 RS in PTS Golf Blue (not Gulf Blue) and two 911 Rs, one in immaculate factory spec and the other with AC and used regularly. In addition is a 997 GT3 RS, 991 GT3 RS, new Fashion Grey manual GT3 and more. To add to the collection we also have the BMW M4 GTS and Mercedes CLK Black Series.

It's a huge thanks to the owner for the hospitality to visit and see the collection, and to bring my Ford GT in to join the line up!

Likewise an extended thanks to my friend @speedracer38 for his assistance firing up the 997 RS to hear that sound! You can catch him at:

Thanks for watching, Tim


Credits Shmee150
added on 19 Jul. 2019


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