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I drove the most powerful Volvo in the world!

Welcome to one of our heaviest reviews to date!

Mat has got his hands on two Volvo HGVs, and he’s about to give them the proper carwow review treatment!

What we have here are two lorries provided to us by Volvo - one’s diesel powered, and one’s electric powered. Naturally being lorries, the layout of these two massive automotives is far different to a usual car, but that won’t stop Mat from talking you through their design, interior layout and practicality. Just wait until you see how much storage there is in the cabin!

What’s more, he’ll also take them both for a drive, and even launch them!

You might think it’s a bit pointless launching lorries, but trust us, these two massive machines pack a serious punch! The diesel HGV is powered by a huge 16.1-litre straight-six twin-turbo that can put down 760hp and 3,550Nm of torque! As for the EV, it comes with three electric motors which combine for 666hp and 2,400Nm!

Want to find out what Mat thinks of these HGVs? You’ll need to stick with him for this all-new review!

00:00 Intro
00:30 Design
04:13 Engine
06:55 Interior
14:10 Driving
17:21 Launch
21:07 Driving with a load

Credits carwow
added on 25 Nov. 2022

Make: Volvo


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