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I 'crashed' the new Hyundai Ioniq 6 ????

Introducing the all-new Hyundai Ioniq 6!

It’s the follow-up to the impressive Ioniq 5, and Mat’s about to find out if the 6 has what it takes to match the popularity of its predecessor!

Starting with the design, you clearly won’t be mistaking either car for the other. The Ioniq 6 has a sleek, swooping body design, coupled with dual spoilers at the back. It comes with a pixelated light design similar to the 5, although it also has a bit of a strange rear bumper design. The sleek looks continue around the front, and all-in-all it’s pretty smart! It even comes with vents which remain closed when the car’s driving at slow speeds.

On the inside the design is pretty similar to the Ioniq 5 - but that’s not a bad thing! There are good quality materials across the dash, and a large infotainment & digital dial dual screen mounted to the middle of it. A centre console has been added to the 6, which comes with a good amount of storage and a couple of physical buttons.

There’s only one battery available, a 77kWh pack which is supposedly good for 338 miles of range. There will be two versions of the Ioniq 6 available - a rear-wheel drive edition that produces 228hp, or a four-wheel drive edition that can put down 325hp.

The price of the Ioniq 6 is pretty similar to the 5, starting from £47,000. But is it the stand-out EV to buy in 2023? Or should you choose something like a Model 3 or EV6 instead? Stick with Mat to see for yourself!

00:00 Intro
00:41 Design
02:32 Interior
05:29 Back Seats
07:27 Boot
08:15 Annoying Things
11:08 Good Things
13:37 Range, Batteries & Power
14:36 Town Driving
18:52 Dual-carriageway Driving
20:04 0-60mph
20:34 Verdict

Ioniq 5 vs 6 - Mat’s choice!

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added on 18 Jan. 2023

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